Frameless Reinvented

Goldenhome, your professional high-end kitchen cabinet solution..


Eddie Ni (President of GoldenHome Cabinetry USA)

GoldenHome cabinets are being built to the North American 3 inch construction standard. Goldenhome is able to provide a seamless look that satisfied the need of the most discriminating buyers. Goldenhome offered the most advanced hardware and accessories available in this industry. With a standardized inventory system Goldenhome is able to enrich the product lines without changing the sales process, enabling Goldenhome to provide exacting specifications for each market segment. I am confident that upon closer inspection you will soon discover what makes Goldenhome Cabinetry a leader in this industry.

Xiaozhen Pan (General Manager of Xiamen GoldenHome)

The global demand for kitchen cabinets has been rising for the past few years, especially in US, Australia and Middle East. That is why we have been putting resources in place to try to meet the demand. Customer demand is our driving force. It is my sincere hope that GoldenHome will become the kitchen cabinet choice for customers for all parts of the world!


Wayder (German Top Cabinet Designer)

The kitchen, by our definition, is a multifunctional living center and an integral part of home. Whether it is in Italy or China, the kitchen is a space where families gathered to share their stories, aspirations, and dreams. It is a space where we often encouraged and supported each other.